42 years later, the Yanks Continue To Show Their ‘Savage’ Will to Succeed

I wasn’t around in 1977, but the blackout in NYC on July 13th brought back old newscasts of the Blackout of 77, which also occurred on July 13th! And with it, my research instinct crept up on me. On July 16th, 1977 , Washington Post columnist Bob Addie dedicated a whole column to Billy Martin’s presence in NYC during that hot summer of ‘77.

If you’ve seen ESPN’s ‘Bronx is Burning’, John Turturro played an animated Billy Martin to perfection and Oliver Platt had the mannerisms of George Steinbrenner to a tee!

That year has had books written about it, it was termed ‘The Bronx Zoo’ and of course proved how hands on George M. Steinbrenner III really was as owner of the Yankees after taking over the team just 4 years prior.

That team was a savage, feisty ‘straw that stirred the drink’ kinda feisty ! Or, I guess we can call them savagely feisty? Just ask one of George Steinbrenner’s protégés, Ray Negron! In fact, if you want to see the magic of 42 years ago ON STAGE, you can, through Ray Negron’s Batboy! The show will go on at Hostos Community College on August 1st and then August 5th at Montclair State University in NJ!

The 2019 Yankees don’t have the ego trips happening like it did during the Reggie/Billy/Steinbrenner era, but they sure have the fire, the discipline, and tremendous hitting of that team in their soul. It’s a fire that now has them up eight games in the AL East in 2019! While Aaron Boone serves his suspension tonight, I felt the fire I saw looking at Yankees Classics of Billy Martin managing this team to a championship in 77, a year the Bronx Bombers were truly ‘savage’ in Major League Baseball!



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