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Alex Garrett On the Go Shares Mark Twain’s Sir Gareth on the Go

Upon advice from mom, I started reading A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain. It’s one of a few books I’m reading at the moment. Yes I don’t just blog I at least try to read, LOL!

In reading more of Mark Twain, I discovered a Knight of the Roundtable which Twain writes about that sounds EERILY familiar. Meet Sir Gareth. In research, I found that Sir Gareth was actually King Arthur’s nephew ( . Am I late to the party on discovering this? Maybe! But Twain wrote about Sir Gareth in such a way that reminded me of the way I wear many a jersey of different teams as I roll along in life!

Here is the excerpt!

“ Sir Gareth fare so he marvelled what he might be, that one time seemed green, and another time, at his again coming, he seemed blue. And thus at every course that he rode to and fro he changed his color, so that there might neither king nor knight have ready cognizance of him….Truly, said King Arthur, that knight with the many colors is a good knight.”

Excerpt From

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Mark Twain

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