Am I Heartless to Care for Americans?

A burning question in my soul today! I don’t feel ashamed when I look at the American Flag, but I oddly feel it’s controversial in this day in age to love our American Flag. Like it’s a rebellion to love our Star-Spangled Banner!

My first question, ‘Am I Heartless to Care for Americans?’ stems from a few different avenues. Firstly, seeing Congressman Jim McGovern completely obliterate the ‘it’s only innocent woman/innocent child’ narrative by showing GROWN MEN in the detention center . Now some probably are are good, but I just don’t trust that these able-bodies males coming here illegally have the best intentions in mind, I’m sorry I just don’t. I can say this because I know good, well-to-do immigrants who have come here and made a life for themselves and they take care of themselves and their families.

I think, if you take off the blinders that only have you believing a media spin and think about it, you too know people who worked hard to legally or via visa work here to better America, and they are not the people throwing rocks at our borders.

Then I started thinking that we haven’t seen the best treatment of the American male in a while, and no one wants to reverse that course. According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), six million AMERICAN males are suffering from depression, and no one cares to help them, they just medicate them, which could end up in an opioid addiction down the road. No one cares about the American male because if they did they’d fix hearts and minds of those who want to turn violent instead of blaming the gun that enabled their violence. Instead of painting the American male as a sexual deviant.

Now, not every American male is perfect or respectable , but I’m honestly troubled the boosting of support for men coming here illegally while society trounces on American males will be a downfall of this country.

For instance, here in New York we have seen NYPD cops killing themselves over the last couple of months . Why isn’t Bill de Blasio caring about THOSE males and those families? Especially when DNA tests are revealing that some of these kids are not even related to the male figure bringing them across the border. Imagine a country being upset that children are being separated from smugglers acting as a father , it’s very concerning.

It’s even more concerning when a whole lot of UNITED STATES Representatives are fighting battles of those who are storming our borders . They should be fighting for lower drug prices for Americans , not taking money from drug companies who lobby. They should fight for Americans to keep their current doctor instead of fight to keep ObamaCare alive. They should focus on infrastructure, especially after the horrific blackout in New York City last night.

Instead, AOC and #TheSquad took to the House to testify about conditions of detention centers. Hey AOC and the New York group, why not also invite Reps around the country to visit a NYCHA building in your own city?

Instead of protesting living conditions for illegals, why aren’t you, the Democrats fighting for better living conditions in your own cities? Why aren’t you camping out in front of rent control board meetings protesting constant rent hikes on Americans who are struggling to make ends meet.

Why aren’t you standing by neighborhoods that don’t want jails in their community if you care so much about human dignity and dignities of communities?

This leads to my second burning question, how did we get here? How did we get to a point where a Mexican flag is raised on our soil? Because people, good honest people, got suckered into believing everything the Democrats and the media have told them, which has helped fuel the ‘Progressives’ that have hijacked Nancy Pelosi and the House.

My ultimate question to the House Dems on this day is why are you fighting to make it easier for non-citizens to live here Illegally , but harder for Americans to live here ? AMERICANS ELECTED YOU FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

As for us? Time as a society to take the blinders off, read beyond the NYTimes , watch beyond CNN and Fox News, expand beyond the Twitter tweets and retweets by attention-hungry Dems and see what really is happening in our country before we officially fall.




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Alex Garrett

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