Are Doctors Behind the Opioid Crisis Continuing the Kevorkian Era?

Remember how reviled Dr. Kevorkian was? His assisted suicide ploys admonished instead of admired? What happened to those days of admonishment?

Furthermore, why isn’t the admonishment and hailing of those who prescribe opioids being highlighted more? It’s a political situation that is why! I’ll explain that in a moment.

It is true that while people’s lives are at stake and we throw ‘Doctors’ in jail or at least crack down on those that prescribe these opioids and pocket HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in cash, you barely hear a peep.

This is why the political storm playing out on our TVs is worth just tuning out. Because real lives and families are seeing justice.

I want to turn your attention to a former Virginia doctor. Tomorrow he will be sentenced on 861 FEDERAL COUNTS OF DRUG DISTRIBUTION. His name is Joel Smithers . While he is up for a mandatory minimum for 20 years in prison, I think we should all hope he gets life. Because when you are pushing fentanyl, when you are running a slipshod doctor’s office for harming Americans in 6 states like Smithers operated, you don’t deserve to see light of day again. That will be the justice those who suffered and even DIED under his malpractice deserve.

Want to know the reach of Mr. Smithers malpractice? Try a woman testifying that she met him in a STARBUCKS parking lot for fentanyl, and Smithers pocketed 300 dollars! The practice he ran from 2015 continued until he was raided in 2017 by DEA and Roanoke, VA authorities. Thank God for law enforcement!

This man, and many others seemingly continue the work of Dr. Kevorkian. How? They are perpetuating the idea that self-harm is the way to cure the natural body. Self-harm through heavy medication that can get you addicted, is very akin to telling someone and actually helping them through process of killing themselves.

More and more doctors may not care , because hey they pocket the cash and that’s the end of their day. The other shame is that politicians who might criticize how President Trump is combating the opioid crisis are in fact getting their pockets lined by Big Pharma. So these pols, too, will look the other way.

I mentioned earlier that this is political sadly. Because it is the Trump admin taking a hard-line stance against these so-called Doctors, when Smithers gets sentenced to jail, it won’t be widely published because (surprise, surprise) it is the Barr DOJ and the Trump DEA that put this greedy human being behind bars.

That is the reality! I have more thoughts to share on Spreaker!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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