Calmness, That’s What We Need (Talking to you Washington )

As I sit in a very quiet subway car home, I find a peace about it. Yes, imagine, finding peace in a New York City subway. It’s achievable.

People with headphones, not caring about the clamor in Washington for a moment. Can we just live this way forever? Can the tranquility I’m feeling on this still-crowded subway at 11 pm be cloned in Washington?

‘Be still’ is what the Bible tells us. Being still certainly is not the Democrats forte, neither is it Trump’s forte. Yet, I think peace of mind would come if the Democrats realize that William Barr is actually abiding by the LAW OF THE LAND.

Oh sorry, quiet subway car just looked at me. In all seriousness, according to the Washington Times’ review of the Mueller Report, every page of the 400 page report says , “May Contain Material Protected Under Fed. R Crim. P. 6(e)”. In other words, any move by Attorney General Barr releasing the FULL unredacted report would be ILLEGAL!

As I mentioned on my latest podcast, it’s almost like the House Judiciary Committee, led by Jerrold Nadler and listened to by the mainstream media, would love nothing more than to hold Mr. Barr in contempt for abiding by the law!

And if that’s so, why should we have a House if all it wants to do when led by Democrats especially, is break laws, and allow non-abiding citizens into the country on our dime? You can hear my full opinion at Spreaker HERE (

As a country, we are not at peace with this decision of Donald Trump 2.5 years in because the media has told us not to be. The Democrat-led House has told us not to be. That has to change!

If the Dems want peace, they must play their part, acknowledge that laws have been abided by , and that acknowledgement and striving for peace stands for all of Washington!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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