During COVID-19, TV Anchors and Radio Hosts Stay At Home AND Stay On The Air

One sector of society hates Fox News on the whole. One sector calls CNN fake news. Another sector relies on radio for company during this time. There is one common ground I would like to point out. The people in media still working daily are inspiring and should also be commended.

Yes, indeed , these networks ‘ reporters are INSPIRING! You may be asking why Fox News is inspiring during this time. You might be asking me why I think a network like CNN, who may not even not air the President’s briefing at times is still inspiring. I’m not talking about the networks’ handling of the news at this time.

I am talking about the ANCHORS! While we the people have to stay home, seeing the anchors doing their part to stay at home and stay on the air is a largely understated angle to this whole COVID-19 Crisis.

Firstly, for Chris Cuomo to allow us into his home during ‘PrimeTime’ as he battles CoronaVirus, is commendable. He is showing us we are all vulnerable: business-people, radio hosts, bloggers, journalists, TV hosts , and those who have 9-to-5’s are all in this together . No matter your place in life, we are all human beings and have to be doing all we can for each other. I hope that message is recognized and amplified once this whole pandemic has been tackled.

Chris Cuomo, by using his nightly platform during treatment, is also inspiring us that we CAN AND WILL get through this and we just need to do our part and stay the eff home! Even more, he is inspiring us to get the test if we show symptoms, because we just don’t know who and who doesn’t have it lingering in their system.

During the day, you may often find yourself watching the afternoon shows and their analysis based on political preference. So, I believe there is a psychological re-assurance that we aren’t the crazy ones staying home, especially when our anchors we rely on daily are following the CDC guidelines as well.

While you may see reels of Fox News hosts downplaying COVID-19, as a way to attack the network , just know they too are doing their part. The midday shows like Outnumbered and Daily Briefing with Dana Perino continue on from home . Which is just as cool as it is to watch on CNN and the other nets broadcasting from home with the tech like Skype and Zoom providing these opportunities.

For older Americans, there is no doubt they have a NEED for radio. It’s the way that helps them cope with isolation from loved ones and friends . The radio for this sector also is their biggest news source . From what I’ve seen, the radio world has not let up during the most critical time we’ve seen in quite a while. So thank you to the radio outlets for continue to keep going and keeping informing !!

Imagine if we were not be able to hear or see the people we rely on daily during this pandemic. The isolation would feel even more intense.

To flip on the TV and know the anchors are still there . To flip on the radio and know our radio hosts are still there . In addition to staying connected with family members, the fact our media is STILL THERE talking us all through COVID-19 is so refreshing during this time of uncertainty .

So, to those in the media not relenting in giving news like Harris Faulkner, Chris Cuomo, Kevin McCullough , Joe Piscopo, Curtis Sliwa, John Catsimatidis , Frank Morano, Michael Riedel and Len Berman as well as others , thanks for still being there for us!



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