God Wants Us Healthy

So, we all know about the 10 Commandments related to the Bible right? There is seemingly one unwritten commandment that throughout the New Testament Christ ascribes to with the power given to Him by His Father , ‘Thou Shalt Stay Healthy’. I didn’t make that up, as He does want us healthy!

Biblically speaking , Jesus’s ministry was and lives on as a healing ministry. He healed the blind, resurrected the dead , and He himself arose on the third day, because God knew to keep the ministry of Jesus Christ going!

But, in today’s society, we are seeing a denial of medicinal help and vaccinations . God, God put these medicines and vaccinations in place through amazing doctors that prescribe, scientists that created and the nurses that administer it all. Having been born with so many ailments, to this day I believe He put me in the care of those appointed by Him!

From the NICU unit at now Mount Sinai West in New York (formerly St. Luke’s Roosevelt) to my pediatrician for 21 years to now my main doctor I went to see in South Carolina, I firmly believe they have all been put on this Earth to heal as He did. It’s just a matter of listening to them now.

That’s where God’s in my ear constantly, I’m starting to realize. While I may be doing His work that he called for me to do engineering radio, He also makes it known I HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, it’s what He wants!

It’s what He wants of all of us. To see the doctors, take the medicines created to heal, to even take a break for our self-care at different points of a workday.

Where I differ from some Christians is the idea that He will heal so no need to see anyone or take anything. When I roll down the streets I’ve had experiences where they see me with one leg on a rollerblade and then say God will heal you. I tell them I feel He has healed me, and has made me this way!

We emphasize adultery, murder, robbery, ego and such as things God wants us to steer clear from. I feel the Church could do better emphasizing the healing part of Christ’s ministry . To hit home the point that in today’s world of all medical advancements, it couldn’t be possible without hands that God made to create such advancements.

My pastor hit it home a couple weeks ago that we can put our studies away and our ministry away for a second to take care of ourselves. Yesterday , this point hit home when I was reading a book about communicating through God and thought well I should focus on eating and read later.

It was at that moment I felt what my pastor had said, and it clicked! God wants us to take care of ourselves!

So , put down the phone, the book, the work every few hours and do self-care, it’s what God wants, because he wants us to live long! Or He wouldn’t have sent His only Son to heal , nor would he provide miracles daily of His love and His work!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email Alex@alexgnyc.com

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