God’s Light DOES Shine Through the Flames

Ever feel like your life is being torched right now ? Ever feel burned out ? Like your life is as fiery as the flames that engulfed the Cathedrale Notre Dame ? Ever wonder if God really is there? Perhaps the tragic fire at Notre Dame could prove that He does indeed exist!

What we saw yesterday has in some way been seen as the ultimate burnout of the world’s hope and beliefs in God. I’d like to see it in a different light. A light that points out how His spirit shone on the suddenly dark, ember-filled iconic Cathedral.

The image of the Cross’s prominence over the ashes of the famed church’s roof inside Notre Dame just days before Easter should be clue #1 His spirit forever reigns. An image that powerful could not be just a happenstance, could it?

The second clue He rose above this blaze has to be the BELLS. Bells ring out from Notre Dame and as the lyrics from Hunchback of Notre Dame go, ‘ ‘Some say the soul of the city is The toll of the bells , The bells of Notre Dame’. The minute I saw the bells were saved , I thought God’s song is not silenced at Notre Dame Cathedral, God’s song and Will is not silenced on this Earth!!

One could see the firefighters on this rescue mission on a Godly mission to save the 200 year old Cathedral built by man, and historicized by many different artworks and relics . They were cheered and supported and sang to by bystanders all night long in Paris. To be there would have been even more goosebumps than seeing the videos circulating around the world . Those videos were emotional as ever, weren’t they?

According to the Washington Post, this so moved an ATHEIST that he is raising money through a GoFundMe to help rebuild the Cathedral ! It so moved the media , they covered the praying and the chanting to the Lord and the singing of Ave Maria, a sight that is a welcome change on our televisions in a world that wants us to shift away from faith.

It should not take a fiery blaze at historic Notre Dame Cathedral to bring faith to the airwaves. God’s Reign was evident yesterday on a network like CNN, and that cannot go unnoticed!

I digress . I’m also reminded of a story in West Virginia in which a fire ripped through Freedom Ministries Church in Coal City, WV. According to the fire dept. this devastating fire DID NOT BURN A SINGLE BIBLE OR CROSS! See that story here! (https://www.google.com/amp/s/wgntv.com/2019/03/05/a-devastating-fire-burned-a-church-down-not-a-single-bible-was-touched-by-the-flames/amp/)

So I have to believe whatever fires in your own life, God is there fighting them with you! He is there through the smoke and ashes of Notre Dame Cathedral, of 2001 St. John the Divine, of Freedom Ministries Church in WV. So maybe it’s time we all really do trust in Him, once and for all!

Picture by Reuters Paris Pix : Philippe Wojazer



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email Alex@alexgnyc.com

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