Government Cannot Become Our Parents!

It’s starting to feel like an even more dangerous time we are in. The first part of the danger is that this virus has truly disturbed everything and killed many across the world. It’s even interrupted quality time outside under the May sun.

The second part is that we have let our state governments become the PARENT of all its residents. Yes, I said it, we have let the state governments and the government-run CDC assume the role of the national co-parenting squad telling us exactly what to do.

If we don’t abide by it, well:

We get a 1,000 dollar fine here.

We get slapped around there.

We also , and most importantly, CONSENT to what I am starting to feel is intense government control. I mean sure, I do also agree we have stayed inside and impacted the world by just doing that! There is a trick behind that plan, however.

I don’t believe that storming the Michigan Capitol guns blazing is something totally ‘good people’ would do. At the same time, when NYPD officers literally slap around people found to have committed a ‘social distance’ violation, why doesn’t Mayor de Blasio truly speak up against that behavior? He is someone who craps on cops every chance he gets, yet now he is silent. My take-away from that is because if people like de Blasio can get their hands on its citizens, they will do so using force and drop the anti-cop rhetoric. Case and point? Yesterday here is how Mayor de Blasio reacted, “I have instructed the NYPD to increase enforcement in that park. Anyone who ignores instructions by an officer gets a summons." Don’t get me wrong, I love and support those on duty each day. But for de Blasio, who criticizes the bad-apple defense of good officers often, It’s almost as if he dropped his own morals to take control.

The next test to look for is how much pressure is applied to Governors Cuomo, Murphy in NJ and Ned Lamont in CT. I sense a ramp-up in protests as other states start to get back to normal. It will truly become like asking your parents to go outside while neighbors’ kids are playing on the block!

There is a sector that loves letting the government tell you what to do. You know, because Cuba had an incredible reading program thanks to Fidel Castro. Ahem, Bernie Bros! That sector has now taken a horrible crisis and made into a way to control us instead of helping us through it!

The rebellion is on in full force across this land. Many have caught on to this and are fed up! I’m not here to say whether stats justify lock-down measures. I’m not even here to say protesting during the guidelines period is wise or not. I’m just pointing out that government overreach will continue and ramp up long after Coronavirus if we let it!

As Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. “



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