How the Florida Bar Proves Workforce Is Ready, Willing, and Sure, Differently Abled

Hey guys, have you heard about this? Not that Jussie Smollett was arrested; not that the President’s National Emergency lingers on the front pages ; Did you hear about Haley Moss?

Oh no? Well , great! I’ll be glad to fill you in! On the same weekend Parklands, Fl remembered the tragedy at Stoneman Douglas High School there was a bright spot. Parklands resident , Haley Moss, who has autism, was accepted to the Florida Bar Association ! She is the first with autism, of I am sure many, to be accepted!

This just proves that those who are differently abled can certainly do anything! Yet, the great tragedy of today isn’t acknowledging in the mainstream media the GREATNESS that those who have disabilities are capable of!

Why doesn’t the mainstream coverage want to show the good stories like these ? It’s like ‘she persists’ only applies to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the new freshman class of Congresswomen. Where is the credit for women like Haley Moss?!

At three years old she was diagnosed with autism and her parents were told she may not make friends , yet did you know Haley has TWO Bachelor Degrees at just 21 years old?! Yeah, that’s right two! From a little school named University of Miami !

Personally , autism has hit my family, as has the overcoming of being differently abled. When I asked my cousin, Jessica, who has a form of autism, what she thought of the story, her response pumped me up to write this article!

Jessica first commended Haley Moss, saying, “ I find Haley Moss simply amazing, for working hard to become an attorney and for being open about her autism. It takes courage to do so. Haley’s openness about her diagnosis, and the fact she’s accomplished something great, may help change the views of some, and there to be less judgments in the future.” She continued with me about her own championing of autism, “I know all too well how difficult it can be for a neurodiverse person living in a neurotypical world. There can be a myriad of issues faced every day, such as anxiety,depression,poor social skills, learning difficulties and OCD. Not every autistic person has them and some fair better than others. Unfortunately, the word autism has a stigma attached to it. Growing up I came across many uneducated, opinionated,and cruel people. For this reason, I only just recently confided in a few about my diagnosis. I actually wasn’t aware I had autism till well into my adult years. I knew I was different, and figured I was just an outsider. There’s nothing shameful about having autism. “

And for the media, there should be nothing shameful, NOTHING SHAMEFUL about putting those who are differently abled on the front page, because that’s a real story of the American heart, not what we see on the TVs today!

Go Haley, go Jessica and go all who have something goin on that might have a stigma attached, because the American way is to simply #smashstigma!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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