I will Miss Andy Byford!

Heck yes, I will miss Andy Byford. If there was a personality in New York who got IT, it was Mr. Byford. The it I am referring to is the media. Andy Byford handled this New York media that looks to jump on the MTA any hour of the day . Byford, with his calm demeanor and English accent , had this reassuring voice about him that told New York he has it under control.

Furthermore, he understood the gripes that New Yorkers went through. The prime example is how he would jump on the NYCT Subway Twitter @NYCTSubway, and tweet with commuters during lengthy Q-and-A sessions. He very rarely got hot under the collar , even from behind a screen.

The times I’d see him at the ADA galas at Gracie Mansion, he would spend a few minutes with me discussing his plans for accessibility in and around NYC. He spearheaded those campaigns and the work continues on accessible stations .

When he first wanted to resign in 2019, my heart sank just as much as it did when he officially stepped away this week. Byford had and of course HAS the knowledge to truly right the MTA ship.

When Governor Cuomo hired Mr. Byford, Cuomo hired a man that had already re-tooled The Tube In London. Byford had the tools moreso than Joe Lhota. With all due respect to Mr. Lhota.

If you notice, the Summer of Hell was not on anyone’s lips once Byford took the reins of the MTA.

I can only imagine the reasoning behind the resignation isn’t because Andy Byford fell out of love with our transit system, because he LOVES the ability to maneuver 8 million people in this great city in a timely fashion. He once said to me , “I actually still think this system is amazing. We move 8 million people a day, 5.7 million people on subway, 3.3 million on the busses. On most days, people get from A to B with no problems.”

So, this resignation isn’t because of lack of love for the NYC transit system, it is because Cuomo probably wants to take all credit for the MTA successes , instead of simply congratulating ^AB (the way Andy Byford addressed NYC on Twitter).



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email Alex@alexgnyc.com

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