I’m Not a Fan of Regime Change But…

I’ve never ever been a fan of regime change. I mostly agree that the US should focus on issues within our borders (a wall protecting these borders is a good start) but Cuba and Venezuela are different. Also, the fight outside our borders to protect Israel is important to me.

But, back to Venezuela. The Venezuela Uprising is very different than Arab spring, which I believe we shouldn’t have meddled in to begin with. There have also been countless times that we’ve tried aiding the rebels, have backfired on us .

Venezuela however, is so close to home we have to do something. We have to support the opposition to Maduro, Juan Guaidó , who might reroute Venezuela to the prestige of a country that has cultivated some amazing talent for America, like Bobby Abreu in baseball.

It’s also a fight for ideology! Do we want to embrace a country’s dictatorial leadership, which is Maduro’s and Hugo Chavez’s socialistic tendencies? Is that who we want to be?! A country full of starved citizens , unarmed, and at the mercy of a vicious military presence?

For some AMERICAN politicians, they gladly nod their head at the socialism and anti-Americanism that broke Venezuela . They’ll nod their head and gleam at the idea of removing guns. They also will not defend ‘We The People’ as they claim to.

How do I know this? I checked Twitter for Senator Sanders and AOC and neither stood in solidarity with the PEOPLE of Venezuela as of this publishing. It is further proof you cannot be socialist and for the people at the same time, I would say.

Furthermore , as I watched imagery of the military mowing down Venezuelan citizens who are fed up, I couldn’t help but think a faction of America is so ungrateful to live in this country! A country that has open roads, open highways, free-flowing systems, economic prosperity and an upright government that just agreed to an infrastructure deal TODAY.

So, take a moment, thank God you live in America , which is still standing strong despite opposition that wants to bring this country down, even, tragically from the inside of our borders, while making a living in the capitalist society! Please pray for the citizens of Venezuela, as well.



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email Alex@alexgnyc.com

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