It Will Take St. Patrick’s Day Spirit To Drive CoronaVirus Out

The whole reason why we celebrate St. Patrick is not because of alcohol. I mean he didn’t create Guinness. He did something so much more worthy than drinking on the day we celebrate him.

While the theme around St. Patrick has always been ‘driving out the snakes ‘, what he should be remembered for most is that he converted many in Ireland to Christianity . Even the PAGAN Irish King , Loegaire, was converted by the Brit taken prisoner in Ireland turned ‘Apostle of Ireland ‘, St. Patrick!

He is credited for saving civilization by driving away the sin nature the best he could in Ireland. (See story below) So, why not call upon his spirit to help us drive away a global pandemic that has taken this world under siege and caused lockdowns of countries and cities .

It feels fitting St. Patrick’s spirit would be celebrated this week of all weeks. If not by a parade or by going to bars during coronavirus, it is time to honor him in our hearts. Irish and non-Irish alike, we should pray that the Spirit of St. Patrick helps drive out this global pandemic!

To you, it might sound outlandish, but consider this. This week, clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine has commenced to try and rid this disease from people’s systems. It means we are FINALLY starting this process to rid the world of CV! I think St. Patrick would be glad the science world is working hard to prevent the spread while coming up with solutions to coronavirus.

It is no coincidence that we won’t be celebrating St. Patrick the traditional way this year. Time to step back, think about why we line the streets of fifth avenue every March 17th, and look deep inside us to say how can we truly live in the spirit of St. Patrick!

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