Dominican Day Parade Rekindles the Partying Spirit of New York City

On my podcast this week, I talked with John Jay College Professor Jeff Kroessler about the kindness and steadfastness of New York City. He wrote an article in the Daily News titled, ‘How New York City Saved My Life’ and then shared his miraculous story with me recently on @spreaker ! Find it here (

Sticking with this city, I want to lighten the mood even more. Well, tell you about a community that lightened the mood and partied hard up 6th Avenue on Sunday, August 11th!

If you are connected to the city, our tabloids and our news, your day started grim with the cold, dead body and blued face of evil Jeffrey Epstein on the cover of the New York Post. It’s an image I couldn’t stop talking about all morning, until I crossed paths with the Dominican Republic Parade!! Whenever a parade comes through NYC, it’s a beautiful reminder that while the papers and radio stations report death and despair in New York City, there is still a partying spirit!

Cultures are featured nearly every month up either 5th Avenue or 6th and while some don’t garner as much attention as others, each cultural display only enhances the diversity and beauty of this great City!

This parade was no exception. Helped by sponsors like Metro Health Plus, aired and promoted on TV Station CanalAmerica, the Dominican community was well-repped on the streets of Manhattan. Not just by the number of DR Flags waving along the sidewalks, the community made themselves known with the booming musical floats which rolled past Bryant Park!

One float MC gave a well-deserved shout out to the numerous NYPD Cops protecting the route all throughout ! This is a community that is vibrant in New York, that not only parties hard, but also GETS IT RIGHT!

CanalAmerica personality Yaneli Sosa remarked, “It’s really a beautiful day for us. We support our Dominican people with this channel and we are so proud of our community.” You can catch them on channel 1014 on Optimum!

It’s the 37th time the Dominican Day Parade stepped off in New York City . It started just in Washington Heights and now has expanded to include education programs and scholarships, ambassadors and of course the big parade on sixth avenue! For more info visit ,!

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