The more we hear of confirmed coronavirus cases, the more I start to wonder whether this coronavirus fear will keep people from going to and from Point A to Point B.

One thing is for sure! New Yorkers will show up for anything, even the opening of an envelope. The way I observe people on subways in NYC during this trying time of coronavirus, it’s as if they are putting their head down and working through it, not even showing concern that the person next to them could have it. I think you’d have to be quite a schizo actually to believe that, anyhow.

Personally, it is unnerving to see an outbreak spread to a lawyer who works across from Grand Central Terminal. I have had issues with pneumonia in the past. When I saw that pneumonia was a symptom, sure I worried. Especially when I know the outbreak treated at Columbia Presbyterian in the Bronx (a hospital in such I just got fantastic news about lone kidney ). Yet, I’ve rolled on one leg just fine and overcome sickness, thanks be to God.

Ultimately, NYers like myself are not feeling emotionally imbalanced with this pandemic. We still scroll through our phones and listen to our music. It’s the New York way to keep moving forward because let’s be real. Our resolve is kick-ass!

It also helps that the MTA is disinfecting the transit system every three days.

Observing the outcry and worry on our TV screens, I would not be surprised if NY was the only state in the union to brave the threat of coronavirus to vote in 2020. This pandemic has hit our city, yet the 8.1 million that inhabit the Big Apple don’t seem to mind this spread. At least they don’t look worried on the face.

What has YOUR gut reaction been to coronavirus? What should be the gut reaction to coronavirus? I asked that to Dr. Gleb Tsipursky on my recent podcast! See link below for the interview!

While there is a rise in canceled cruises, canceled flights, canceled school days, and an increase of poorly attended sporting events, I know one thing will be constant. The Moxy of New Yorkers won’t keep us home during this outbreak. You have to love that!



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