Not Everyone Crosses From Point A to Point B With Impeachment on Their Mind!

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You look around those in the subway or on the city sidewalks (dressed in holiday style this time of year) and what do you see? People literally trying to just make it from point A to point B. And they do it humbly, head down as the December winds bear down on NYC and elsewhere! I truly believe there is a different crowd in this country who cannot get from Point A to Point B without OBSESSING over impeaching the duly elected President Trump .

The Washington Elite ‘Point A to B’ers’ have no care for their fellow Americans , and it’s clear. Why? Because the normal Point A to Point B’er is literally worried about crossing the street and not what Washington is up to each and every latest installment . It’s like the House Dem leadership and their radical constituents cannot cross the street IF POTUS can’t be impeached. I’m glad the majority of people still do without constantly thinking about impeachment. Standing in one place a long time just sucks !

These Dems seem to wake up every morning hungry to take down a man that doesn’t take guff from anyone in defense of America, not himself. Name me another President who ever attended the Veterans Day parade kick off ceremony in NYC? No other President ever has. Name me another President who has just this week gotten NATO to pay up, as announced by NATO Secretary General , Jens Stolter. (See link on that story)

If you are feeling tax relief it is not a joke, it’s because Europe is paying a fairer share now. It is because the tax changes according to Tax Policy Center cut middle class taxes by $8,000! Whatever you think of Trump’s boisterous manner, a credit to him is that companies are willing to invest, start-ups are taking off, and the HUMAN capital is willing to work and even start their own business. Isn’t that how Capitalism is supposed to work?

You know who understands it? That small business owner who doesn’t make millions in Congress. He or she also doesn’t want to be in politics, where the money isn’t as hard-earned or rewarding as it is making your first dollar in your brand new business!

The middle class Point A- Point B’ers just want to see their Representatives walk from A to B WITH THEM, not act in the la la land that most of current day pols seem to be in. Those who are in la la land as a Congressional representative definitely qualify as DC Elite , and they won’t last long after the 2020 election because they aren’t walking our walk.

The most concerning feeling I have at this moment is that while we have people everywhere working to meet ends meet, we have a Congress that just won’t help us meet the same ends.

Are you worried about going from Point A to Point B or are you more concerned about Trump’s impeachment upcoming trial ? Think about it and email me at!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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