Queens County Takes Time Out to Honor Korean Independence

On Saturday August 15th, Queens Borough Hall hosted its first ever Korean Independence Day celebration.

The virtual event was hosted by acting Borough President Sharon Lee . Lee notes that her Korean heritage shaped the person she is today, adding “we are the proud products and direct products of the hard work and sacrifices of our parents and grandparents, and the entire Korean-American Community.”

It is worth noting, there are 60,000 Korean residents in Queens. The community also garnered praise from Lee’s former boss and former Borough President, DA Melinda Katz. Katz appointed Sharon Lee to be her successor pre-COVID, and Lee has handled the leadership through the COVID crisis in a borough that’s been hit hardest in New York City.

She called the celebration an “amazing step in the Borough of Queens County. The Korean Community has meant so much to the building of our borough.” Katz went to say that it is important to keep these traditions going. She went on to add, “We should assimilate to the United States of America but at the same time we celebrate our forefathers and parents and parents before them!”

Also in attendance was the future leader of Queens, Councilman Donovan Richards. During his remarks praising the Korean Community took a moment to observe that “We have a Queens resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who forgot where he came from. In the Borough Of Queens , we build bridges while he builds walls.”

I also discussed this on my podcast which you can find here! (https://www.spreaker.com/episode/40347374)


Top Left: Sharon Lee: Acting Queens Borough President ;

Lower Left: Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz

Upper right: New York State Senator John Liu

Lower Right: Incoming Queens Borough President Councilman Donovan Richards

Pic credit:

Instagram : AlexGInNYC


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