Queens DA Dem Primary Winner Melinda Katz Rocks Queens Power 100 Presented By City and State NY

Melinda Katz is moving on in the race for Queens DA , a race held due to the passing of long-time DA Richard Brown. One of her first stops was the City and State NY Queens Power 100 at the LIC Bordone.

Her words shined as bright as the Queensborough Bridge behind her. Of all the optimistic remarks, the one that should stand out deals with the magnificent diversity that Queens has. She noted, “The Diversity Of Queens is a gift to America.”

Having been newly elected the Democratic primary winner following a grueling recount against Tiffany Cabàn, Katz looked relieved and sounded determined. When I asked her what’s next in her plans moving from Queens Borough President to become the eventual winner of the District Attorney position, she told me , “We have got to make sure that we achieve real criminal justice reform and diversify the office of the District Attorney.”

She ranked #5 on this year’s Power 100 list, which was headlined by State Senator Michael Giannaris. At number one, as NYS Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Giannaris was tagged as Revolutionary in Albany and for the Democratic Party Of New York. In his remarks, Sen. Giannaris noted that , “Donald Trump is President because people did not want the status quo. “ He urged his party to throw out the status quo and that “it is (Democrats) obligation to ensure a different course , to be bold.”

One of the boldest, outspoken Queens political figures , Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, ranked third on this year’s Queens Power 100. She was not able to attend the evening’s event.

Queens BP Melinda Katz; Senator Michael Giannaris Address Queens Power 100 Summit at the LIC Bordone



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