Single-Leggedly Dismantling The Norm

Ten years ago today , witnessing the Yankees tremendous 2009 run, I began a run that I never thought would lead to where it has spanning a whole 10 years !

That run was started at Queens College, one of the first major places , looking back, that I dismantled the norms and the stigmas that come with having a disability . Having been cared for at home and at the Henry Viscardi School, a tremendous school for kids aged 5 to teens aged 18 and even adults with disabilities , the college experience smacked me in the face pretty quickly.

Girls everywhere, guys that became brothers , and oh a radio show that was developed within first few months of freshman year!

This in and of itself has been kinda the story of my life, extending after college . Because for someone who had been under a close watch of amazing parents, family, close friends and teachers for 12 years at HVS, the question truly has always been, can I do it in the world outside of shelter and of full care and protection.

Well, today, I can proudly say I have an amazing girlfriend, Gabriella. I’m a talk radio producer at Salem Media Group New York with Kevin McCullough for now 6 years ! I podcast on Spreaker and I write here on Medium .

After having a little tougher time in personal life with insurance , I’ve been looking into Medicaid and my research has led me to believe in no matter what I do, I’m doing it ‘single-leggedly’ and have been doing it that way my whole, but truly discovered the norm-breaking during my years at Queens College.

Crashing into an athletics department that typically has very able-bodied players and being ACCEPTED AND INCLUDED was the first time I realized what my existence on this Earth is, isn’t anything close to ordinary, it’s kick-ass!

It’s now translated into work life and opinion . After going against the fact Medicaid has been given ability to fund Joe to become Joan while screwing over the disabled community who actually need help, it was then I realized (last night , actually) that I would never get a gig at CNN or a mainstream outlet. You know why? I’m dismantling the norm and even though I’m disabled, the conservatism turns them off from what I’d have to say.

Thus, even though I never realized it before, I’ve been disproving the ‘diversity ‘ ploy anyone on the Left has preached. It’s only diversity if you agree . I wasn’t born to just agree, I was born to single-leggedly dismantle the narrative and the stigmas, each and every single day.



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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