So, Elephants Are Not People?

To be honest, I had no idea that an elephant could be considered a person. We don’t make those loud trumpet noises we hear from the tusked creatures . Our nose doesn’t hang that low to the ground nor does the Earth shake when we move around.

That didn’t stop NonHuman Rights Project from suing the Bronx Zoo to allow ‘Happy’ the 48 year old elephant to be given personhood. I don’t like the way elephants are indeed slaughtered for their tusks to make Ivory , but this lawsuit is a bit of a stretch.

First off, it’s the Bronx Zoo! The animals there are taken care of well AND if this animal was allowed personhood, then what precedent does that set for zoos across America? Are we really going to go down a path of getting rid of our beloved zoos because one group says so? We’ve already seen the beloved Barnum and Bailey taken down after 100s of years of entertaining families.

Thankfully, according to the NY Post, ‘Bronx Supreme Court Judge Alison Tuitt dismissed the The Nonhuman petition to grant the 48-year-old pachyderm “legal personhood” in order to move her to a 2,300-acre sanctuary.’

As you read further in the article (see below) , it turns out NhRP has been denied personhood for 5 other animals. I love animals, but as the disconnect grows between humans , I cannot help but feel that caring more about animals over our fellow man will be detrimental to our existence.

It also strikes me that if you are for personhood of animals, you are part of the larger issue in today’s world, a lack of focus. Our focus should be shifted back to making sure the person next to us on the train is ok. Our focus should turned to local drivers after the horrific Ryan Newman NASCAR crash and pray for those right next to you on the road. If you can pray for Ryan, you can certainly pray for your fellow driver ! Our focus should be on OJR NEIGHBORS! Love thy neighbors as much as your pets!

And, for those who are for personhood , then you should also be supporting the PEOPLE around you with as much care and delicacy and passion as you do for our furry friends!


More about the Bronx Zoo



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