Stepped Over…The Line?

Was Chris Cuomo right to get riled up at two idiots who mocked him by calling him ‘Fredo’? Was he right to defend himself and be offended that he was compared to a man that was stepped over? Or did Cuomo step over the line?

Of course, arguing over a fictional character , created by Mario Puzo, is kinda funny to me, yet so be it, let’s have this discussion.

In all our lives, I think there is at a certain point a deep feeling of what Fredo felt. He felt outcasted to Las Vegas. He felt misunderstood and unloved. Does that warrant betraying your own brother and not stopping a failed hit on him? Of course not! Chris Cuomo, by the way, has never betrayed his brother , Governor Andrew Cuomo, ever. Governor Cuomo, however has joked about his younger brother as being an ‘unnatural brother, we adopted him’. (

That also doesn’t mean acting out as if you WERE Fredo, the neurotic, panicked , sickly brother of Michael Corleone. While I don’t know off hand if Chris Cuomo had been sick as a baby, but did you know in ‘GodFather II”, they showed Fredo as having chest problems and pneumonia as a six-week old baby? He wasn’t fully developed , which is eerie in the real world considering what Gov. Cuomo said about his younger brother about having ‘development issues’.

So, when some dummy heckles Cuomo and calls him Fredo, which apparently is very very offensive to Italians , it just seems fitting that Chris Cuomo would pop off on this guy and make wild threats. That part makes him a Fredo-esque caricature. He indeed did step over the line.

To call him Fredo Cuomo isn’t right, but for him to act all defiant about it doesn’t add up either. Chris Cuomo is expected to be the bigger man because he is the anchor on TV, but he is very human and that is OK as well. Should he be fired for the tirade? I think in a sense, sure , since no matter where he goes he still has to rep CNN in a good light.

And finally, let’s not forget on the radio station I produce for, AM 970 the Answer he implied himself as being the ‘Fredo’ of the Cuomo family (

Until the next round of drama worth commentary on, don’t engage hecklers and just move along, especially if you don’t want to go viral for a tirade of cursing!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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