The Fall of the Smollett ‘Empire’ Might Just Be What Chicago Needed!

One of America’s most popular cities might have gotten the turn-around moment it needed! It’s a city that you’d think had its turn-around when a curse was broken in the wee hours of November as the final out was made for the Cubs in the 2016 World Series.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the turn-around moment because crime continued to rise and I’ve always believed President Trump should send the feds in to control the Windy City’s rampant crime.

Yet, it was the crime of Jussie Smollett that I believe should inject enthusiasm into the city of Chicago. You know why? The usually corrupt Chicago PD actually investigated to the end and found out Smollett had hired two Nigerians to stage the “attack” on him. They actually didn’t let the Liberal, Anti-Trump rhetoric of Chicago sway them into sweeping this under the rug! Instead they brought the facts forward and justly arrested Smollett for falsifying this whole attack. Throwing egg on the face of every mainstream media outlet and 2020 Democratic candidate.

Quite frankly, I think it was expected for the media to jump on what Smollett said and defend his lies and false letters of hatred. Simply because he wrongly blamed it on Trump supporters. What I did not expect was justice for actual MAGA and Trump supporters to come of it. I didn’t think the case would be presented with Smollett as guilty.

Why? Because normally these cultural phenomenons die off (has anyone heard from Christine Blasé-Ford? Anyone? Bueller?) Yet, it gives me hope Chicago could be on the mend because while we know about the bloody shootings in a weekend, it appears that Chicago PD is doing the best they can with any crime, most certainly one that includes falsifying an attack to authorities.

Yeah the play on words is intriguing too. That the collapse of the Smollett Empire is now in infamy with the fall of the Roman, the Mayan and the Byzantine empires . However, as an Empire falls, would I be bold to say the RISE of the city of Chicago starts now?

I understand that with the amount of crime that goes on in Chicago it is tough to keep track of all the crime , but for the Washington Post to report as of last year that 27% of the shootings are investigated lead to arrest in just fatal shootings alone is dreadful. ( )

The Jussie Smollett case gives me hope, that if a fake crime can get much consideration, there will be a higher arrest rate when it comes to the issue of shootings . Why? because quite possibly , the Chicago PD DOES care about getting to the bottom of every crime! And the more crime is prosecuted and led to arrest, the more on-notice those with guns will be and might think twice. Something Jussie Smollett did not do when he attempted to smear the Trump base.

PS: The fact that Smollett was proven false does not mean that all hate crimes are fake, and hate crimes should in fact be investigated to the final conviction and , arrest! Let’s also learn to love one another!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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