The Most Pivotal 24 Hours of my Adult Life, and the Triumph Through It

If any of you have looked me up, searched my Twitter, Instagram (both AlexGINNYC by the way), Facebook etc , you might see I wear crutches, rollerblade on one leg through New York City and smile like the world truly is my oyster . There is so much more to the exterior that very few even know about.

Most days my life is an oyster, but the past 24 hours has turned my brain into a different mindset. Can I indulge you on Medium for a bit?

I’m a hard worker, sure, but I also can get into a lazing things up kind of mentality . So lazy, it becomes a detriment to my health . Imagine being told by people around you for 5 years to always keep the act of catheterizing clean and in one single moment all that advice gets thrown out the window .

On the other hand, what if that moment of picking up a dropped medical supply and still using it can also be part of His plan to wisen you up. I truly believe that’s what happened in my life the last 24 hours.

It put into perspective how I cannot rush these medical routines that extend my life and the life of my kidney , nor shortcut them. There is a method to the madness of taking care of health, and I’m realizing that right now in 2019. Actually on May14, 2019.

I’m so thankful that my girlfriend was there to see me through an awfully sleepless night of pain and agony. I am also sorry to her for putting her and my family through it because of one bone-headed, idiotic mistake. After the excruciating pain , I’ve told myself today I won’t ever put myself through this again.

Writing about it is cathartic for me, believe it or not. I often find that writing about topics or podcasting on Spreaker about things other than my life is an internal deflection of what’s going on in my world each day.

So I want you to know, Medium folks, and friends and perhaps family reading this , I am a human who goes through human things! Acknowledging that feels like a great first step in pushing life forward!

Ultimately, what inspired me to write about this whole situation to begin with was that unlike other times where I’d get sick and in pain, lying lifeless on a bed just writhing, I stood up and shook it off. I stood up through the pain working it through, instead of groaning all day long. That felt pretty damn awesome.

While I’ve felt like another person most of the day today, I feel happy ending the day knowing that I can learn from this very crucial moment in time to conquer the battle against poor health daily!

I look forward to sharing other triumphs as the days go by!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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