The Quarantine

There was a movie about this. Exactly named ‘Quarantine.’ It came out in 2008. Truth be told, I thought movies like that and ‘Contagion’ were moreso scare tactics not worth paying $12.50 a ticket to see.

How real these scenarios have become , however. Nowadays, I’m thankful that a quarantine is happening. It’s happening at time the growing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to climb in NYC and elsewhere. There is one growing thought that crosses my mind, however.

Why are we so panicked about a GOOD thing? When someone is quarantined, it means they are away from the public! Why should panic set in at the word quarantine ? In fact, we should be praising people who are self-quarantining themselves , like Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Cruz has self-quarantined following news a C-PAC attendee had walked in with it. People who self-quarantine are in fact doing a service to this country and I feel that should CALM the panic down. As of this published time, five more members of Congress have now self-quarantined!

It should also calm us down that many others who have it/ may have it/ or may not have it but think they might are being monitored through this quarantine. It’s not like they are being isolated on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in view of the public. In addition, there is only just 100+ confirmed cases in a city of 8 million like NYC.

As a former member of the military, my weekend podcast guest Kevin Miller Puchalski gave his thoughts . Puchalski noted, “Just like civilians are asked to do, it is enforced to wash our hands and not share food.” To me, an enforced quarantine is actually a sensible enforcement by the government. Self-quarantines is great self-discipline.

Closing festivals, schools and other institutions down for long periods of time really buys into the hysteria behind the quarantine. It doesn’t help the cause of every day operations especially since those who are affected have been mandated to quarantine OR have decided to self-quarantine! Let’s work together in the process of staying safe instead of bashing one side or the other’s response to corona. But a gentle reminder , we should increase testing which , by the way, the Trump FDA has approved funding totaling 8 BILLION dollars to combat #coronavirus!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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