The ‘Will’ of Bode Express at the 2019 Preakness!

So why did Bode Express steal the show at this year’s Preakness Stakes? Is it because unfortunately Johnny Velazquez was thrown off and it was amusing to watch the 2 year old run by himself? I don’t think it was just that!

While it is great and vindicating that War of Will won the Preakness, can we talk about the Will of Bode Express?

Bode demonstrates, in my opinion, the ‘working class hero’ as John Lennon sings. Bode rolled up his hoofs, said I GOT THIS and literally competed down the stretch of the Preakness !

He embodied what every human strives to be: the self-sufficient, having it all together, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade type of mentality . Did it make you think, how can a a 2 yr. old horse keep his cool the whole way? I hope so because that cool way is something we can all pick up on.

As humans we fall apart at the slightest inconvenience or slightest thing going wrong. Maybe Bode today is beloved because he did not crumble! We too, don’t have to crumble, just do what Bode did and run on in this God-given journey known as life!

That is all for now! Talk soon on Medium!

Screengrab by : @_nataliea on @twitter!



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