There is A Lesson We Can Learn from Bagel Boss Guy!

NEWSFLASH! Planting three different YouTube videos of yourself screaming at women in front of you complaining that women not even near you, but on an app, won’t date you , won’t actually get you a date!

Ok, maybe I am not the best authority to talk about a short guy having an outburst because a girl won’t go for him due to his height. Look, I’ve had that insecurity too, I’ve been very awkward around women from even before my hormones kicked in, I’ll admit it!

I am writing this piece however to ask people that are short and do act up even when the camera is off, why have a short temper? See, I believe it is best to be the bigger person mentally if you can’t be physically. Why? Because you’ll be respected more but most importantly I think you’ll break the stigma of being short in general. When you constantly remind people, ‘hey I’m short’ damn right someone bigger than you will want to just tackle you and shut you up.

You know why? Because it will become annoying! Don’t be short and annoying! And, to take how God made you and use it against women that probably are more turned off by your behavior and not your actual height, is despicable. It does also set a bad precedent for fellow short men, because most likely people will see this video of Bagel Boss Guy and think every short is as manic and deranged as this self-hating short guy! I truly don’t believe that is the case.

In today’s world, Peter Dinklage didn’t pity himself or hate himself for being short, he went out and had some monumental roles on Game of Thrones and others, such as ‘Elf’, in which he embraced his stature and has made millions off being such a great actor and person! The 1950’s Yankees with Yogi and Phil Rizzuto were short. They actually fought in the war for our country and won championships with the Yankees, they weren’t out berating women who may not have given them a shot. In fact the lived rather happy lives with their spouses! So, not every short person is like Bagel Boss Guy!

I can admit I’m a bit on the edgy side of things when it comes to dating, but I don’t literally make someone pity me for being short OR having one leg. I’m proud to be a short bulldog gritting it out every day in NYC, and I wish Bagel Boss Guy, aka Chris Morgan, would embrace it rather than loathe it, because his life will continually be in a sad state of affairs day after day.

And above all, he won’t get to achieve his goal in life. That’s what society can learn from this. As comical as this video was, there was a sadness to it and a disgusting nature about it. Yet, the end result of finding a steady woman will never happen for him if he keeps going to places and complains about women not dating him.

Great things will never happen for each and everyone of us if we keep harping on the obstacles instead of overcoming them with respect, proper behavior and will to overcome!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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