There is No I in Content

It’s true, there is no I in the spelling of content. Yet, almost everyone of us with our selfies and our smartphones and even daily conversations throw that one letter word, I, into people’s faces. Me, me, me.

On Veterans Day, however, I (there is that pesky letter again!) learned a couple of valuable lessons. Firstly, it’s always important to learn from and remember the fact that our veterans didn’t say ‘look at me’, they dug in the trenches and served our country . At times to the point of death on the battlefield. Of any sector in society, I would say the veterans in this country are the ones that say ‘look at me’ the least, because of their selfless acts to protect our nation and our allies!

If you take a picture in front of the memorial wreathes, it’s never about you standing by the wreathes, it’s about HONORING what the wreathes mean to the families and the colleagues of those who have lost their own on the battlefield.

For me, yesterday was about honoring the vets…and talking about how I met Mayor de Blasio and seeing the POTUS’s motorcade roll right past. In one conversation, my friend and colleague struck a chord joking that even on Veterans Day I made it about myself. And I never intended that but I saw it from a different perspective after that moment.

There was more that changed my perspective even up to right now. Posting a video I took of President’s Motorcade has been seen over 3,800 times on Twitter! But the lesson I learned is, sometimes it’s what you let unfold in front of you instead of trying to snap a pic WITH what is in front of you , that makes the difference .

You could take a selfie of yourself in front of big moments but leaving the moment stand as is will get you farther. Because? There is no I in content!

God Bless and thanks to our great veterans, and our great America and God Bless You!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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