This IS 28

Sure, I host a podcast called Keeping It Real With Alex Garrett . Sure I claim to be real as ever on any topic of conversation, but today something changed . It was the wake-up call on my 28th birthday that I should wake up to reality, the reality around me.

For 28 years , I’ve literally skated by reality, staying inside a sort of fantasy bubble because things JUST WORKED as a kid and I got used to that late into my 20s.

Even if something didn’t work, I always had the optimistic thinking that it would , eventually. Today, on my 28th birthday, I snapped out of this bubble. Instead of thinking it, I have finally felt myself wanting to WORK to make whatever a reality. That’s a harsh bubble to live in, because frustration mounts that the thinking didn’t turn Into results.

This lesson was first felt on Thursday. As a talk radio producer, always have to have plans in place when there is a crinkle in the routine. Behind the scenes, I was planning to welcome regularly scheduled guests for Kevin McCullough Radio, Gov. Mike Huckabee and Kayleigh McEnany a day early. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen at the snap of the finger. Yet, I was not deterred I kept in contact from Monday-Thursday and the imagined schedule for Thursday turned into reality! Was a great show as well!

As Sunday in the Park with George songwriter Stephen Sondheim wrote, ‘A vision is just a vision if it’s only in your head. If no one gets to see it , it’s as good as dead. It has to come to light!’ It clicks every time a solid day in Radio or on my podcast happens.

But, #ThisIs28 and getting results every few days, that’s just not going to cut it in adulthood. Getting results every day, bringing ideas and guest requests to the airwaves is the ultimate goal.

The radio station isn’t the only place that putting pen to paper needs to happen. In my church , our amazing Pastor is retiring. As a member of the Church Council, it is my job to make sure updates are written down and disseminated . That takes work, again the notes won’t be transferred from notepad to computer by themselves.

The other reality is that I’m actually losing health insurance at the beginning of 2020. Work on that has been grueling, but needed to get REAL RESULTS. Please pray on this journey and I’ll keep the Medium folks up who read this blog up to date for sure!

God is there for us all the time, but we must work as well in tandem with His spirit. Sitting on our butts won’t move a needle in this life, we move the needle with Him !

The other lesson was learned today, hoping that a dream I had would work out on my birthday and it just didn’t. Accepting that reality was a bitter pill, but it didn’t ruin my day and in fact acknowledging the reality of the situation made me enjoy the day more!

In one day, so many lessons to think about as I turn 28! Deeper thinking is a great start to year 29 on this beautiful planet!



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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