Trump’s ‘Air-Conditioned Offices’ Comment Should be a Trump2020 Focal Point

In November 2019, after President Trump helped get the NAVY Seal Eddie Gallagher’s case closed, he did a rally later that week and uttered one of the most brilliant lines of his Presidency.

“People can sit there in air-conditioned offices and complain, but you know what? It doesn’t matter to me whatsoever.”

That comment should be the focal point for Trump2020 because that type of jab against the establishment is what got him elected in 2016. Despite aspersions casted against middle Americans that support Trump and may in fact have a southern accent , they are more informed then the ELITES realize! They know, just like New Yorkers on either side know, there is so much bureaucratic waste in Washington going on within our departments, committed by those comfortably sitting in air conditioned offices!

That becomes more evident each day, it seems. Whatever you think of Roger Stone, four prosecutors resigning from the DOJ over the case just proves President Trump’s goal the whole time , “draining the swamp!” A swamp that hates Trump’s non-traditional ways which seem to be getting things done!

Do you remember the days where Congress got a 9% approval rating? Or the days where we hated Washington gridlock? It’s still there! President Trump has just done a great job exposing said gridlock.

Oddly enough, it’s the same bureaucracy that Dems are tired of too. It’s why Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire last night. The difference, however, between Trump and Sanders is Bernie’s idea of us taxpayers paying for everything. We are born out of capitalism and socialism on the whole doesn’t sit well with Americans. I might add that moderate Dems are wondering what the hell has gone wrong with their party.

The economy (3.6% unemployment rate!) , killing terrorists, and holding our Congress accountable on both sides of the aisle has been just a few achievements for this President. That is all well and good, but the daily ridding of a government only operating in tax-payer funded air-conditioned offices getting nothing accomplished seems to be a bigger plus for everyday Americans.

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NY Times Cited President Trump’s Air Condition comments

NY POST Jan. Jobs Recap Citing 3.6 Unemployment



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