UAW Strikes Deal with GM, but Let’s Focus on Today’s War of Photo Ops, Shall We?

I’m for sure not a total pro-union man. I believe some head bosses of unions have become stiff-arming of their dues-paying members , who are good decent Americans just trying to put food on the table . Yet, it is true the unions are necessary because fellow Americans DO get benefits that help their whole family.

In a society that claims they want better for America, this UAW-General Motors deal should be heralded as such a win. Yet, right now the Syria conflict has again been politicized by the Dems, sucking oxygen out of news that also affects citizens. The conflict and the seemingly irrational decision to let Turkey take over certainly impacts America. For one, having soldiers safe is always a win! However, having ISIS on the run is disastrous, and I pray that gets fixed and we again obliterate the ISIS forces.

Today, however, instead of actually getting results it appears Dems walk out angry and Trump has an eruption towards Speaker Pelosi. If that’s true , ok worth covering. However, were any of us really in that Oval Office? Actually no, yet President Trump brought us in to the meeting and showed a very different picture than what Pelosi was saying happened.

That’s why it’s a shame today had to unfold the way it did in Washington. Instead of a war of photo ops while playing with real lives in Syria, the agreement to end the strike between UAW and GM should be more pronounced because any time a business can get back into action is a win for America. In addition, a bump in raises isn’t always a bad thing, so to read the workers will get 3–4% raises is enriching.

This deal, which according to CNBC, was struck with 48,000 workers , also helped GM’s stock JUMP ! For a country trying to keep American-made , American-made, this should also be welcoming news.

The UAW-GM deal, yet to be approved, is a win for the American people. Why aren’t more Americans talking about it?



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email

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