What IS Working for the Dems? Causing Chaos?

What I’m most intrigued about with the 2020 election right now, is how people turn other way when it comes to Democratic policies failing.

You question the policy failures and they are almost on cue , “IMPEACH TRUMP IMPEACH TRUMP”, which makes you scratch your head! Trump has his flaws, yes, but the Democratic POLICIES IN PLACE we are seeing are just failing.

My friend and NYC Councilman Joe Borelli was in a spat with Mayor de Blasio in which de Blasio went on to call Councilman Borelli a liar, a LIAR! Imagine the Mayor of New York calling his own Council-member a liar?? I still can’t. But it actually happened!

He was trying to protect himself from the truth that his wife’s mental health initiative ‘ThriveNYC’ didn’t want to partner with Blue Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter is an organization that looks out for and protects cops, better than this administration does. de Blasio’s office eventually went on to not want to work the pro-police Group amidst nine NYPD cops committed suicides so far in 2019 . That’s tragic in and of itself.

What has made that worse is the grandstanding de Blasio has done to try and be there for the cops. Please, Mr. Mayor, save us the ink and take your support for the cops and take a hike . Seriously, where were you after suicide one?? Didn’t hear from you!

Not to be outdone, a mental case left two pressure cookers triggering a shutdown in Fulton Street subway. I thought ThriveNYC , a mental health initiative that has had the city pump a 30-million dollar or more investment, would prevent something like this from happening??

And when it comes to law and order, Dems just throw that out the window too. If it was up to them, they’d probably dismantle every jail on this Earth in the name of getting votes from convicted felons, a lot of which include the release murderers. Did you see in Rochester an armed and dangerous fugitive has escaped NYS supervision? Possibly after shooting a young woman in the face? That’s the culture in the Democrat world, where giving everyone benefit of the doubt will lead to criminals feeling emboldened!

To top it all off, after certain Dems and celebrities were rooting for a recession, I dug deep into the Business Roundtable. It’s an organization of corporate America that looks to keep corporations on the up-and-up and current with the times.

I’d hate to be a corporation right now because all that is going on is talk of high taxes against the job-creators. Because of the threats to break up banks . Because of the culture that tells job-creators ‘go back to where you came from’ like AOC told Amazon.

Yet, they , like the hardworking men and women in blue, just keep on working hard for the communities. For instance, in my first series on Spreaker (Keeping It Real With Alex Garrett) called ‘We the Shareholder’ , I discuss how Bank Of America created 4,700 jobs for people in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Imagine banking and then working with the bank you have an account with? I’ll continue that series as I’m sure the crazy Dems will ramp up anti-corporate rhetoric through the 2020 campaign !

I really shouldn’t keep up with the news as much as I do, it might be bad for my health. Yet if I don’t I feel that’s one less voice to fight the battle. Moderate liberals are even sick of the LEEEEFT , yet their support for the party will lead the party into a way left territory none of us would be able to get out of .



Hey there! My name is Alex Garrett and I’m a talk radio producer, podcaster and blogger! Find out more @alexnyc1 ! Email Alex@alexgnyc.com

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