Where is Kaepernick’s Second Chance?

Something burning me up this week wasn’t Trump’s National Emergency, it was the fact that Kareem Hunt, yes that running-back who got cut from the Chiefs after video of his assault on a young woman in Vegas, got re-signed! Always the modern day trendsetter, the Browns picked up the aforementioned Hunt.

Why is this burning inside my soul? Because some guy named Colin Kaepernick still sits, kneels, stands, whatever, on the sideline of the entire NFL! Was what he did disrespectful to the American football fan, the service members of this country? Of course! However, he wasn’t an assaulter, and actually donated money to those affected by the rare cases of police brutality .

Meanwhile, before he gets picked up, before even Machado and Harper get signed in Major League Baseball , a known assaulter gets signed! That is insanity, don’t you think?!

Consider this, there have also been numerous situations where Kaepernick, though batteries and on the decline to a point, could still be put to the test. When Alex Smith went down for the Redskins, Mark Sanchez was the starting QB. A void that could have been filled instead by Kaepernick! Joe Flacco ‘s season went downhill last year for Baltimore and Lamar Jackson was great, but didn’t have the veteran experience nor playoff experience against the Chargers . Now with Flacco being traded, another spot is teed up to bring Colin Kaepernick back in the fold!

With the NFL settling the collusion case today, in my eyes, the only way this Kaepernick saga goes away is if he’s signed! It should, at any rate, because right now the culture of the NFL is stained with allowing abusers back into the league. The one time someone who is making noise by protest and not violence is the one time everyone backs away!

What kind of culture is that Roger Goodell?! Not a good one!

You can hear more of my thoughts on my podcast. As heard on Spreaker!

Photo cred: USA Today



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